KIC IT Films is a full scale media production company based in the Metro Atlanta area that  offers a wide range of professional services at affordable rates. Over the years we have produced several successful tv pilots, short films, features, corporate video, music videos and commercials. Our staff is comprised of several individuals who bring years of experience along with an exemplary track record. Everyday we continue to grow and improve as a company by networking and performing with some of the industries top indie filmmakers in the country. Here at KIC IT Films we pride our self on being different and pushing the envelope with innovative and uncompromising content . If you're looking for that company that will bring a sense of uniqueness and artistic integrity to you next visual project, look no further, KIC IT Films is here to serve you!

Mission Statement

Living in an age where technology is ever changing and catapulting mankind into the next stratosphere, there is no room for old, outdated and redundant business practices. Here at KIC IT Films and PR firm we have dedicated our services to personify our motto of: Keeping “It” Creative through Innovative Thought. Our mission is to render an inventive imagination that takes our clients’ projects from a concept to a masterpiece of a creation in the most unique way!