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January 2, 2018

#hurryupandbuy – Niggarazzi TV Presents – Stop Showing the F*&kin Tape (DVD)

February 8, 2013

Southern California’s number one stunna, “June Flav” of Niggarazzi TV releases his new DVD, entitled “Stop Showing the Mutha F$%!in Tape, an urban entertainment, TMZ stylized DVD. This DVD is jammed packed with exclusive interviews and unadulterated footage of some of your favorite artist and athletes in the world of entertainment and sports. The producer/host/filmmaker, June Flav is a native of Oceanside, California, the northern most city of San Diego County wedge in the middle between Los Angeles and San Diego. June Flav is an entreprenuer who has set off on a journey to bring you the latest news in the entertainment industry with his own stlye that is fussed with the hyphy movement of the bay area and the gangsterism element of Los Angeles. KIC IT Films would like to congratulate the young producer/host/filmmaker for his continued success. For more information on the Niggarazzi Television movement, follow them on youtube at: follow on twitter: Can now purchase this exclusive DVD on for 10 dollars. You can also contact June Flav at


Spike Lee Team's Up with Thre21 Media's Rik Cordero

November 30, 2012

The World is Watching is an amazing 6 episode documentary that tells the stories and struggles of young basketball players living in New York City battling it out on the black top to be crowned the King of New York, all brought to you by young blazing hot filmmaker, Rik Cordero and legendary director, Spike Lee. When I came across this tweet on Three 21 Media's twitter page I counldn't believe that two of my favorite filmmakers joined forces and create a masterpiece. As an native new yorker, independent filmmaker and former basketball player myself I truly enjoyed this film. It has all the elements of the perfect artistic blend of classic story telling and incredible basketball footage amidst using the mecca of basketball, New York City as the backdrop. I highly recommend this documentary to all young athletes looking to be best that he or she can be.


Ava Duvernay @Sundance 2012

October 31, 2012

    Mrs. Duvernay has done it once again finding a way to aspire and motivate young filmmakers of color, being the first Afrrican American (Man or Woman) to win Best Director Award at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival in 2012 with her first narratvie film, I Will Follow. She has given us practictioners in the independent film world a since of hope and aspiration to achieve success and have final cut so to speak. Ava's career thus far has been the epitome of what it means to be independent in this very color blinded and classcism that still remains within Hollywood and the film industry as a whole.  The difference with Ava Duvernay and other filmmakers out there is the fact that she does not sit around and wait onhollywood, this trailblazer makes her own rules. In 1999 Duvernay started her distrubution and marketing firm entitled, DVA Media + Marketing.


WBA Professional Tryouts to Kick-Off the 2012 Season

April 26, 2012

World Basketball Association Brings Big Changes to Pro Players in 2012


WBA Rolls Out New Teams, Basic Athletic Measurement Testing &

Extended 2-Day Tryouts THIS SATURDAY AND SUNDAY to Kick off New Season

ATLANTA, GA April 21, 2012- Premier professional league, The World Basketball Association Exposure League (WBA) has officially announced the launch of its 2012 season. Marking the 10 year anniversary since its inception, the athletic organization has assisted over 400 players in getting paid athletic contracts. The season will commence with the 9th Annual Professional Tryout Camp in partnership with Check Up Athletics and Floyd Mayweather's Lottery Soda and Wing Heaven on April 28th from 2pm to 7pm and 29th from 9 am to 2 pm at the Redan Recreation Center at 1839 Phillips Rd. Lithonia, GA 30058.

Over the course of the two day camp, free agents will have the opportunity show off their skills before scouts and agents from the NBA, Mexico, a host of international leagues and all 7 teams of the WBA including the Atlanta Blaze, Conyers Court Kings, Gastonia Gamers, Gwinnett Majic, Mauldin Stars, Rome Gladiators, and the Anderson Upstate Heat.

Consistent in its rigorous drill and scrimmage training, the 2012 camp is unique in that it will be conducted in a "combine-like" style. Players will be offered the opportunity to participate in the Basic Athletic Measurement (BAM) testing which is used by the NBA and is the world's first athletic testing platform to drive consistency, reliability, and validity into global athletic performance measurements and ratings.


Registered athletes will also have the opportunity to have the 2nd day of game play televised live and recorded for distribution to the top recruiters in the world.  Former NBA star, current commentator for the Atlanta Hawks and Commissioner of the WBA Michael Glenn will be addressing attendees directly as the events keynote speaker.

"When we founded the league years ago many people didn't believe that the concept would work" says WBA President Leroy McMath "However because of great support and some of the world's best talent here we are 10 years later consistently working with many of the top players from the US and abroad to actualize their dreams."

On a mission to teach, develop and expose rising basketball stars to the NBA, D-League and international opportunities the WBA serves as a training ground to develop players and coaches on and off the court. The organization places emphasis on fundamental development, community involvement and personal and professional publicity opportunities for participants in addition to bringing an exciting brand of basketball and live entertainment to the markets they touch.

To register or for additional information on the 10th Annual Professional Tryouts please visit

Stay tuned to updates and the latest news and events from the World Basketball Association Exposure League at:




For sponsorship, scouting  or general inquiries please contact WBA Representatives:

Lionel Garrett or Markeal King at 678-482-3998 or P.O. Box 942161 Atlanta, GA 31142.



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Washington "Bullets" Flying!

January 13, 2010

    Today we learn the fate of Washington Wizzards gaurd Javaris Crittenton, which will be a suspension for the rest of the season, handed down from NBA commissoner David Stern on Wednesday, according to Crittenton will also recieve one year of unsupervised probation and a $1,250 fine after reaching a plea agreement after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor count of possession of an unregistered firearm. Crittenton sentence comes after a locker room incident he had with Wizzards' star guard, Gilbert Arenas just four days before Christmas. Arenas who is believed to face more serious charges due to the fact that he had four handguns. The incident may have started as a joke for the two, however it got out of hand when Crittenton alleged his life was in danger and therefore brandished a loaded handgun of his own.    The judge in the case also ordered the 22 year, Crittenton to mentor to young people in the Washington D.C. area, accompanied by helping aid victims of the Haiti earthquake! Pretty sweet deal considering someone who could have potentially shot and killed a human being for his reckless behavior. What makes me upset with the leniencey toward these young players is the punishment never fits the crime. Come on, mentoring young people is part of his punishment; he is the one who needs a mentor.

         Don't get me wrong I'm a big advocate of people owning firearms, however I feel they should be responsible and mature enough to take on such a responsibility. I don't want to sound like a member of the NRA or anything but Athletes have the right to defend themselves like everyone else. The fundamental difference in this situation is the fact that they were both acting like menacing juveniles.

    While we continue to patiently wait on the fate of Wizzards star guard Gilbert Arenas (sentencing scheduled for March 16 in a Washington D.C. superior cout), it puzzles me how young African American athletes continue to find themselves at the center of this very controversy. Lets take a look a the latest situations involving guns and athletes; New York Giants Plaxico Burress, sentenced to  2 years in prision for violation of the state of New York's gun laws; then we Delonte West charged with misdemeanor charges of carrying two concealed hanguns on his person, also in the D.C. area; Sebastian Telfair's two incidents involving guns and the list goes on.

Sometimes I just ask myself, 'if these individuals love guns so much, why don't they join the united states military'? Uncle Sam would not have a problem placing M16 automatic assualt riffle and through them on the front lines of combat in Afghanistan.